Goal for 2010: Less Confusion, Better Conclusions

Cover of "The Last Lecture"
Cover of The Last Lecture

I’m going to borrow the idea of a “head fake” from dearly departed Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture), but unlike Pausch, I’ll detail the fake up front.  At the end of The Last Lecture, which I highly recommend watching if you haven’t seen it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo) , Pausch described that he had tricked the audience with a double head-fake:

  1. The lecture, originally titled “Things I’ve Learned in Life” should really be titled “How to Live Life.”
  2. The lecture was not written for the audience who attended the video recording, but for Pausch’s children who would be able to view it long after his death due to Pancreatic cancer.

My head fakes, though less profound and dramatic:

  1. This post should be titled, “Stop Getting Snookered.”
  2. This post is for me, not for you.

This post is for me because I’m the one who needs to apply it.  I’m the one who allows The Imperious Illusionist (http://tinyurl.com/ImperiousIllusionist) to create confusion with his illusions that lead me to wrong conclusions.  Here are a few of the illusions I want to dispel in 2010:

  • More will be enough
  • Pain is a bad thing
  • I have a right to feel good
  • Substitutes and counterfeits provide relief
  • Someone or something can meet my deepest needs

Times may get tough(er) or conditions and circumstances may improve dramatically – but I must remember that an EPIC STORY continues to unfold, and this story played out in my life is seldom what it seems.  As Rick Warren states, this life is a test, a trust, and TRAINING.   I can’t afford to allow the Illusionist to snooker me with his illusions so that I make inaccurate conclusions, start to doubt my Creator, and bad decisions.

My goal for 2010: less confusion – better conclusions.

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2 Responses to Goal for 2010: Less Confusion, Better Conclusions

  1. Segula says:

    Thanks for this reminder and renewed awareness of the illusion. I especially resonate wth thes pecific illusions to dispell.

  2. Rob Wilson says:

    Nice, Brent – you got 4 of your 5 illusions right. I would hope that there is One person who can indeed meet all of your needs, as He promises.

    The undoing of most men is your first illusion: more will be enough. The message we’ve been provided promises us that less is more; pride takes us in different directions. I can tell you that I know myself better, God better, my wife better, my kids better, my friends better, since we started down the path of “less is more.”

    You might add, “simple is better” to that. The less you have, the simpler life becomes. And the more time you have to invest with the One who really matters.

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