Playing Speed Chess with the Enemy

I’ve got a brilliant enemy, no question about it.  He’s Moriarty, Lex Luthor, Voldemort and the Joker wrapped into one.  He’s the author of chaos, confusion and illusion.  He’s also a master chess player.  I’d never encourage anyone to engage mano y mano with the Illusionist, but I feel like I do just that  every day.  And when I’m successful, it looks something like Speed Chess – as played in this great scene from the film, “Searching for Bobby Fischer“:

The key, as Laurence Fishburne says, is playing to win, not playing… not to lose.   I’ve got to make quick continuous decisions, keep my radar alert for his traps and deceptions while all the while depend on the real Master for strength and wisdom.  The Enemy is brilliant, but “… greater is He that is in me (you) than he that is in the world.”  I sense I am, in fact “on the edge of defeat” every hour of every day; but by staying on the offensive, playing to win in this ever present battle, learning quickly from my mistakes and moving on to the next decision, I play “Speed Chess” style – and win.

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