It’s Time to Snare a Moonwalking Bear

It’s hunting season.  Can you feel it?  Fall has set in.  The sun scorches, the humidity hangs like a wet blanket, and you can still hear the grass growing.  But enough about Orlando.

I’m ready to hunt.  I secured the right license, drove to the right spot, and adorned the right gear – including a hat I purchased 30 years ago but never felt secure enough to wear:


I’m not hunting just any game, mind you.  I want to bag the most elusive, stealth and rare beast on the planet.  Not rare in the sense that their number is limited; they are anything but endangered.  This beast is rare by the fact that few hunters, especially in this era, are able to bag one.  I referring to the one and only, Moonwalking Bear.

Watch this video:

The technical term is “Inattentive Blindness” as identified and defined by author Christopher Chabris in his researched-based book, The Invisible Gorilla.  Inattentive Blindness is a fascinating phenomenon that occurs when we miss the obvious.  Why? Because we’re not looking for it, and… we don’t expect it.

Your moment-to-moment expectations, more than the visual distinctiveness of the object, determine what you see— and what you miss.

CHABRIS, CHRISTOPHER; SIMONS, DANIEL. The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us.

When I first watched this video, and missed the bear, I thought about another video, created by my good friend, and Moonwalking Bear Hunting Ninja, Kennan Burch.  It’s called The Master Artist.

There are multiple breeds of Moonwalking Bears, including:

  • The airline passenger who needs me to pray with him
  • My friend who struggles with a secret addiction
  • My co-worker who’s marriage is on the rocks
  • The children abused and starving around the globe

And then there’s the most common bear.  What do I miss every day, simply because I’m not aware, and don’t expect to “hear the music”?  How often do I fixate on a small hand-held device that demands my attention and prevents me from “joining the applause” to my Creator?

I need to remember that Moonwalking Bears are always in season.  I’m thankful I’m already equipped me to bag my quota.  Now it’s up to me to snare the bear – every minute of every day.

But I still lack the mettle to wear that hat.  Sorry Indy.


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