Anticipating my Avatar

December 21, 2009
Avatar (2009 film)
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I saw Avatar last weekend, along with all the other sci-fi enthusiasts who’ve impatiently waited for several years to see James Cameron’s next –gen screen graphics.  Cameron did it again – he built high expectations and spent hundreds of millions to produce his vision (as he did with Titanic), and bottom line – he DELIVERED.

I conceptualize most of life in metaphors; I guess that’s the blessing and curse of living so “right-brained” I see superheroes in spreadsheets.  That said, the visual image of living in a “new body” in a dangerous, beautiful, adventurous world makes me long for heaven at a level difficult to describe.  I firmly believe that life here on earth is preparation to participate in God’s adventure for eternity – and for me, Avatar is like a drop of honey on the tongue of my anticipation.  The hard part is exercising patience, knowing God will DELIVER in His perfect timing.

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A Statue of Responsibility

December 11, 2009

I have a friend who has a dream… a big dream… let’s say a 300 ft. tall dream.  He believes that just as Lady Liberty stands proud on the east coast of our nation, so should a Statue of Responsibility tower above the California coast as a reminder to American citizens and visitors from around that globe that both attributes (Liberty and Responsibility) are essential to sustain the freedoms (economic, spiritual, etc.) we so often take for granted:

The Statue of Responsibility is not a pipe dream.  And it’s not IF it’s going to happen, it’s where.  Foundations, celebrities, and politicians are flocking to this important mission.  Several locations are under consideration.

What an incredible pair of transcontinental bookends.  Remember you heard it here first!

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