Anticipating my Avatar

December 21, 2009
Avatar (2009 film)
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I saw Avatar last weekend, along with all the other sci-fi enthusiasts who’ve impatiently waited for several years to see James Cameron’s next –gen screen graphics.  Cameron did it again – he built high expectations and spent hundreds of millions to produce his vision (as he did with Titanic), and bottom line – he DELIVERED.

I conceptualize most of life in metaphors; I guess that’s the blessing and curse of living so “right-brained” I see superheroes in spreadsheets.  That said, the visual image of living in a “new body” in a dangerous, beautiful, adventurous world makes me long for heaven at a level difficult to describe.  I firmly believe that life here on earth is preparation to participate in God’s adventure for eternity – and for me, Avatar is like a drop of honey on the tongue of my anticipation.  The hard part is exercising patience, knowing God will DELIVER in His perfect timing.

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